Increase The Control Of The Game With The Following Tactics


The latest versions of the NFL Madden mobile have been developed with a lot of improvements in its features. Starting from improving the strategic binding of the game to building more important features, EA Sports has ensured that this becomes one of the hot favorites of the century. The voice commentary on the go was upgraded to make it apt like the original soccer reviews.

Madden Mobile includes the task of managing the various players at the same time. The more strategically you manage your players, the more benefited you become with the game. The best way to control them is: You can also use an analog stick to ensure exact movement of the players. The analog sticks are sleek and help to catch the sensor for the exact player you want to move. When you are using an analog stick, make the first touch set the player move in your desired direction. While, the second contact will direct you towards the point you want and speed your move. Making a sensor for direction on the screen can also help you to guide the players in moving. This will not need your fingers and can detect the players just by an arrow.

Skilling the ball also becomes essential in the entire play. EA sports have especially improved its ability of ball in its newer versions. They are more flamboyant in passing. Tapping the skill button will help you move the ball to perform attacking skill. This offensive skill helps in moving a stiff arm, spin, hurdle, dive, and juke. You need to choose the passing play from the Play Call. The next action is to determine the desired action. You can choose the thrown pass to the receiver’s icon. You can also throw the ball by striking the Throw Away key overhead the action control. You can also view the routes of the throwing by selecting this Play Art power button.

Defending your game is probably the one way madden mobile hack to get a higher a score in the match. The better you plan your defense, the better you play the game. Thus, the types of security you can follow are: Adjust the defenders that you are using for the match. Make them well distributed in the field. Give them the desired positioning. Use the analog stick to control them. This will help you in moving the defenders more freely. If you find that the champion who is playing cannot take the passing well, proceed to the next by switching to the corresponding players, which will be possible by giving a double tap on the screen. Divert the ball when you see the yellow indication on it. When the ball is in the air, you can mechanically move the ball in the defender’s court. This will help in performing a better defensive skill.

Other than getting control of the players, you need to increase control on the ball. Enhance on swiping up the kick meter to kick the ball on time, hence that will lead to a good pass. Choosing the easy play type from the Play Call option will help you in earning more fans. You can also increase the tempo of your game by snapping the ball. Call a Time Out finally to pause the game if you are tired.

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